One Night, One Morning

Thunder clasps, it’s drawing near
Closer as I snuggle near the fire that just appeared before me
It is ominous I know,
like the Tower that gets destroyed
or Death that comes to change
There is something sweet in the air although I know it’s poison
I can’t stop taking it in
Like I always have been.
Hearts break from a distance and I can stop it
by breaking mine instead
What do I do then?
It is only a blur inside my head
I drank a truth potion, I almost told you what you shouldn’t know
What good call, it’s finally time to go.
Come morning I see that fire once more
Like a moth I get drawn to it and burned
I must conceal it all
It is a dangerous creation, I dread its existence
I fear what it’s doing and what I’m becoming
One thought, one memory
I cannot let it consume me
So farewell O, fire that kept me warm for a while
Goodbye almost lover that wore a fake smile
Sayonara, adios I’ll say this over and over again
Because that is the only way that this foolish mind can comprehend.



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