A Different Perspective on Things

While I was looking forward to the days to come in the next seven months of my life I realized that despite me still being a student in the same College for the last four years there is a major difference that may make these next seven months the most stress-free months of my life — the lack of pressure.

It’s not like there isn’t any motivation for me to provide for excellent academic work in the next months during my internship, there is and boy, everybody else in my batch even thinks it’s more burdensome than taking the regular academic units. However as I look upon this looming experience I see it in a different perspective compared to my peers in the College. Maybe it’s because I naturally excel better at work than in school since I dislike examinations and aptitude tests. Plus, I learn by making mistakes and when your curriculum does not afford a multitude of avenues to make mistakes to be corrected later on (like when only the midterms and/or the finals make up all of your course grade) then I find myself not learning enough. During an internship program there are more avenues (a lot of them) to make small mistakes and have the Director correct them (after getting an earful of scolding) and help you realize your mistakes which means if you do not allow that fear and that rampant scolding to dishearten you then you will eventually come out of the experience with more knowledge than ever, especially since you know better than to do the same thing and get scolded again.

Some think that the internship training we get from the College is burdensome, unnecessary and ultimately tedious. Isn’t life like that anyway? Most people would trade with our problems in a second with theirs. Maybe it’s because our generation has it easy, we literally have everything at the tip of our fingers. However going back to my first point where I said that these next months might be the most stress-free months I’ve had in the last four years I will not be too nonchalant so as to say it would be easy, it won’t but the difference is that in an internship program there is only a PASS or a FAIL. Unless you remain in the same clueless and unlearned spot in the end as you where when you first started in the program then I think you deserve a PASS in the course. In other words what is measured in internship programs is the improvement a student makes throughout the course, not exactly the amount of knowledge he/she has at a particular time which is what examinations do.

Although I place a premium on knowledge, it is not like all the information I need would be easily accessible by memory alone. Also even if I have a vague idea of things it’s always a comfort to verify the things you know to be actually true. (splitting infinitives is not a hard-fast rule!) So unlike the last four years of my life where the pressure of cramming all the knowledge of a hundred different books into the limited memory space of my brain was a daily endeavor this internship program provides me with no such pressure. I might get scolded, everyone in this program expects that and if you survive not having one scolding then you’re one of the rare ones but that’s fine, at least I will know I was wrong and never do it again. Just like how I learned the hard way to never volunteer to do anything unless I am more than confident that I can bring out my best for the task. I lost a whole recitation grade because of that and downgraded my final grade to a full 0.25 degree in order to learn that hard lesson. I will never forget that lesson for the rest of my life.

I think everyone else in the program is just looking at things from a different perspective probably because they also have other academic units to think about along with the internship program while I don’t. I thought I would regret getting delayed for a year in my law studies but I seriously am not. I am happier compared to my counterparts and less pressured ever since fourth year started. Also because this year’s Bar would probably be the hardest one yet with the fact that there is not cut off with the cases and the fact that the “possible” examiners are really cruel ones. I am predicting that the passing rate would decline by a big percentage when the results come out next year. I just hope and pray that everyone who deserves it passes (mostly my friends and bar buddies! haha 🙂 #biased

With the unusual experience I have for the last year of law school I am freer and definitely happier since I have the chance to look at things from another perspective than what majority of those in the College usually experience. I don’t know whether this is a good or a bad thing but what is more important is that I feel happier now compared to when I was for the last four years and that’s all I want for now.



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