A Year for Me

Due to a dropped subject (which I discussed in a previous post), I have been held back from graduating for a year which made it possible for me to have one year where I will not be stressing about exams, recits, classes and others and be able to focus only on work (OLA is technically work). Also, if the free tuition in State Schools push through next year I will be able to take classes I wasn’t able to take before in Undergrad like foreign languages, psychology 101 or music. Looking into the future now I realize that I have a whole year where I can devote all my time to improving myself and just become a better me before I finally embark on the rough journey of a full time legal career. It makes me both excited and nervous at the same time.

Recently I have accepted a part time job to babysit kids in my area much like what they do in America. Since I have more free time and in just the few days I’ve been vacationing I am already so bored out of my mind I decided I needed to fill in the time gaps in my schedule so as not to bore myself to death. Additionally, I think it would be fun to step out of my comfort zone once in a while. I am scheduled for an interview this Monday and I hope I don’t blow it. I really want to give myself all the opportunities available in this short span of a year before I start focusing on a lifetime career. I am also thinking of taking up a small hobby, one I haven’t tried before, maybe a self-defense class of some sort or an exercise routine like jogging or swimming or yoga. I guess I have plenty of time to make a choice.

I also need to look for things that can improve my finances so that I can save up for the upcoming Bar season which will cost me at least P100,000. That’s a lot compared to what I currently have on hand right now but I know I’ll be able to manage it somewhat. I guess therefore this one whole year will be spent on my “adulting” process which has been on hold since I started to school again. I do hope this time I make the best out of it unlike before.

Here’s to a full year of fun and experiences ahead! 🙂


2 thoughts on “A Year for Me

  1. You’d do well kuting 😉 PS Took a year off from school so held back pud for senior clerkship. It was fun dedicating it to anything nonmedical. 💓 Spend your time however you like and not go on chasing sometimes deadlines lol. #chilllife

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