Why Did I Wait For So Long?

Before anything else let me first say that this post is not about relationships or any kind of emotional jabber of any sort. This will mostly be about my tendency to put off watching, using or even getting interested in things that are currently a fad. Just recently I watched the new Beauty and the Beast live action movie which probably everyone already watched except me at that time. It was worth the wait. That’s how much I dislike getting into a fad. Even though I know it’s good I still won’t watch until the “hype” for that particular thing has already died down. Up until now I haven’t watched Game of Thrones even if I know it’s so good just from the reviews. However, this post will not be about that movie but about the popular American comedy series, The Big Bang Theory.

This series started out way back in 2007, I was still in High School then or probably on the way getting ready for College. I knew the series was good. I saw clips of it on the internet, my friends talked about it and the reviews made it look so appealing. These reasons ultimately made me to not want to watch it. The only loophole to this tendency of mine is when I already started getting into the “fad” before everyone thought it was amazing and made it into one because I also have the tendency to not stop when I start but for this series, it was too late. So 10 years after its release, I started watching it. It wasn’t deliberate at first because I just started with clips from Youtube when I searched for funny clips and some popped out which were from the series. Then I came across the adorable couple ShAmy (Sheldon and Amy) which made me think, “Maybe I should watch this whole episode.” I started watching Episode 8 of Season 10 because it was the episode where that funny clip I found came from but that only made me fall in love with the couple even more that I wanted to watch how the relationship developed. That led me to watch the finale episode of Season 3 where they first met and now I finished the entire thing. I enjoyed watching the whole series so much that it made me think why did I ever not try to watch it before? Then I remembered why.

It is not like I regretted not following the series as it developed because it allowed me to enjoy 10 years of comedy in just a week without the anxiety of waiting for the next episode to be released for 10 freaking years. It’s more of like wishing I had watched this when I was struggling with insecurities before. The characters in this series really remind me of the way I was before and how much I felt insecure of myself because I wasn’t like everybody else. This series is all about that.

Also, the ShAmy couple just skyrocketed to the Top 1 of my list of Best TV couples. I love how unique their relationship is and how it defies social conventions but they simply just don’t care. I like how they took it slow and made sure of their feelings for each other before taking the big steps in their relationship. Lastly, I love how sweet they can be to each other but still not losing their sense of self and independence. The bittersweet admissions of the ever-honest and sarcastically frank Sheldon and the perseverance of the innocent yet loving and understanding Amy is a great mix of a very stable relationship, the most stable one I have seen in years. Although I am now so anxious to see Season 11 with the writers ending Season 10 with Sheldon’s proposal. That really made my day.

To the writers, creators, cast and crew of the series, you just gained a really enthusiastic fan who just can’t wait to see more from the genius that is your TV show. All the best to the team.



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