The Parade of One

The night parade has started,
they are many in number
I am just one and alone
I’m sure they’ll put me to slumber
They are 100, 1000 demons
they always come knocking at my door
They rely on the strength of many
I rely only on the gravity I know since before
Pretty soon they will overwhelm me
because isn’t that just logical?
What can a lone wolf do
When faced with a foe so infernal?
But I know their hearts are empty
And their minds obsolete
For they follow blindly another’s fear
They are nothing but shepherd and sheep
The night parade will tempt me
they will try but fail
So they will attempt to kill me
They can do so but to no avail.
For they may slaughter my flesh
And leave me rotting in the dust
But my words will live on despite me
And theirs will slowly ash and rust.
For their words are a thing of the past
and their followers die eventually
While those who hear me are young but aware
Of the words I shout so clearly
Then they will relentlessly wonder
How can one outdo the many
It is quite simple really, if you think of it
I am just someone born too early.


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