Ode to the Heart

Oh strong heart bound to one
How can you be so weak just like that?
Strong belief of being alone and surviving
How then can you crumble at just one sighting?
Smart heart on which logic governs
How can you be a fool at such an instance?
Cold heart that seeks only its own peace
How can you give up, let another take entrance?
Oh funny heart that denies all things
How can you stutter and stop, right now at least?
Hollow heart, hard and empty like your eyes are
Is this entity in front of you really that hard to resist?
Give me the answer: Why are you so pathetic at this moment?
I can’t even dare call you mine and I sure won’t comment
Closed my eyes, my ears, my mouth, my senses all
Still no matter what or how or why, this heart had decided to fall.


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