I’m old — and today I just got older. Despite that I am still thinking about the same things and ultimately the same people as I had 5 years ago. I am seriously waiting for that time when I can finally say that “that’s so 10 years ago.” So I guess I’d have to wait for five years more?

Ever since I became “independent”, i.e. mostly living away from home and alone, I have rarely celebrated my birthday. Mainly because: 1) I don’t have money to buy food and other stuff for a birthday celebration, 2) I don’t get gifts anyway and most of the time people ask me to treat them ’cause it’s my Birthday (where’s the logic in that?), and 3) I don’t have anyone to celebrate with. Sure, there are a few greetings here and there and sometimes I can go out and have fun, party a little and then crash! Ultimately, a Birthday is just another ordinary day aside from the fact that you are constantly reminded that you were born on this day and forced to be thankful that you were. For the most part, I am pretty grateful that I was born especially in this era when technology and innovations have just started to boom. But boy, do I wish I was also born 200 years from now — Space travel? Awesome!

Anyway, I am just posting this short note just to commemorate the day that my loving mother pushed me out of her (not really, she had a C-section) and our family finally got its fourth and youngest (aside from my nephew) member. In truth I really don’t feel festive at all. I feel the exact opposite. I feel so lazy and drained of energy. Maybe its because I have an upcoming deadline TOMORROW! And I’m only halfway through. Crap! Well, I’ll just have to wing it. In all respects I have accomplished more than enough for my paper to be called decent in academic standards. And why does our adviser have such an unreasonable deadline anyway?! I have a lot to say about his policies. It’s actually very much counter-productive especially for a lazy bum like me.

In truth, I was just waiting for 3:05AM, the exact time that I was born on this day before I finally go to bed and just doze off. Now, it’s almost time so before I sleep I would just like to end this post by putting out some good vibes out there.

I love you Eugene Lee Yang! Yes, you can be a douche most of the time and your outlook in life is plain arrogant and selfish sometimes but all in all you are such a wonderful person because you can manage to be so authentic to yourself despite knowing that others may not accept you and may in the end hate you the most. I guess that’s part of your charm, that bad boy thing. If that were me I’d be the b*tch. Well, fine I don’t mind being the HBIC! *This Queen don’t need a king. Cue in: Sit Still, Look Pretty by Daya* I still love you. I’m sure that when we get to meet we’ll probably rip each other’s throats out but that’s okay. I like a challenge and I like a good competition. Lately these days, those two things are so lacking in my life that it just gets boring most of the time. I guess I need a frenemy, someone worthy. Maybe you could be it? IDK. I do hope I get to meet you and I hope we don’t kill each other on the first few minutes of our meeting. Haha. Just kidding.


Note: Eugene Lee Yang is a Producer from BuzzFeed, a popular Youtube channel mainly based in Los Angeles, USA. He is a member of a four-man group popularized by BuzzFeed called the Try Guys. Just go check him/them out! You’ll love them/him. 😀 Happy Birthday to me! ❤


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