Make Up

I’ve just recently decided to wear make up. After 25 years of waiting I’ve finally decided that I was grown-up enough to wear make up probably on a daily basis. I’ve already got the basics down and yet I still utterly fail when it comes to “real make up” — those kinds that you wear for special occassions like parties and stuff. However, I do believe that practice makes perfect, always. (Ah, Elementary memories) So, I sometimes paint my face leisurely just to learn how not to f— up in doing make up. (Bleep! Haha.) 

But why is it that it looks good in the mirror but looks darn terrible on camera? Ugh! 

Yup, that sucks big time. I know. So I decided to have fun instead. Haha. 🙂

Now that’s better. Notice the toothbrush and the bathroom background? It’s because it sucked so bad I decided to wash it off after only 5 minutes. The difference, though:

Oh well, plenty of time to practice. Until next time. 🙂

Saonz. #girltime? LOL. 😜

* And for those pilosopos out there, I did not use the toothbrush on my face. I might be crazy but not that much, yet. :p 


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