The Price That All Men Pay

The price that all men pay. This is a popular riddle or code from one of my favorite movies of all time — National Treasure 2. If you haven’t seen the movie, go and watch it first then come back to this article so that you will know what the hell this article is all about.

Have you done it? Good. Oh, you’ve watched already? Even better. Okay, so to start off, why am I writing about such a grim topic today? Well, it’s because somebody within my vicinity actually did pay that price today. I actually feel awkward about this because the person I am talking about happens to be a classmate of mine in one of my favorite subjects BUT I have no freaking idea who she is. Yup, awkward! I feel bad though that I never even got the chance to get to know her nor did I even try for the past four months that we have been seeing each other once or twice a week. It’s also sad because she was so near the finish line she could technically taste the freedom. It’s sad and at the same time I can’t help but think, “Sayang.” What is more awkward was the fact that hours before I received the news I actually posted a popular line from another favorite TV series of mine — Sherlock, where the brilliant detective first came face to face with his nemesis Moriarty and tells him that “People died.”, referring to the Consulting Criminal’s latest BF by bombing innocent people whenever Sherlock does not solve a puzzle he has engineered. To this Moriarty sarcastically replies, “That’s what people do!” Imagine that post with the word ‘Logical’ typed at the bottom and a #reliving at the end. Imagine if you were someone close to the person I am talking about and you read that… the horror! Big awkward moment right there.

In all honesty, I never saw that coming. What is weird is that just minutes after I posted that status on FB I heard someone wailing in our dormitory’s hallway. She was mumbling something and all I can make out of it were the words, “Patay na siya.” I thought she was just watching a movie or a sad series like I was at that time. Well, I’m insensitive like that. But, I think that the two are actually connected. I honestly believe that the person I heard crying was a close friend of my (former) classmate. Coincidences, according to Sherlock and Mycroft, more often that not don’t happen because “[t]he universe is rarely so lazy”. And yes, I do believe that I and the Holmes brothers are right.

Tomorrow, her remains (ashes) will grace the halls of the College one last time and I can’t even pay my respects. The ceremony is at 9:30am-3pm. I have a make-up class at 9am-3pm. It would have been fine if we were holding class in the College tomorrow like we always do for a few weeks now because I can just sneak out for a while to pay my respects but NO, tomorrow our Professor specifically decided that we should hold class in Club Filipino, kilometers away from school! The irony, no less.

Death is really a price that everyone pays, a destiny no one can escape and yup, Moriarty, gotta give it to ya — it’s definitely what people do. Tonight therefore makes me want to think back on life, not just mine, but life in general. When the debt collector comes so suddenly as was the case with my classmate without even a single notice, you would really stop and wonder, “What have I done to make my life worthwhile? Do I have regrets?”. I also wonder for the person who passed, “Does she have any regrets?” I hope none. I hope she lived her life to the fullest. And I hope that she is happy wherever she may be. I do not wish the experience of loss on anyone but sadly, it is an inescapable truth that nothing is infinite. I do not even believe Einstein when he said that the universe and human stupidity are the only two things that are infinite. Nothing is infinite. Everything ends and is only renewed. Much like energy, it just transforms. So tonight, I want to believe that when her life ended in this world, it is renewed in another, hopefully something or somewhere better. I do believe in heaven so I want to believe that that’s where she is right now.

* Another ironic thing was that I was watching Supernatural’s latest episode entitled, “Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox” centering on the story of the death of a brilliant hunter, when I posted that status. A reaper also appeared in that episode. Gee, death is everywhere.



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