When You’re as Bored as Sherlock Holmes

Today I just had the inkling to binge watch BBC One’s popular series Sherlock. Many love this series not only because it is brilliantly made but also because it eases off people’s boredom, especially mine. Lately, I’ve been feeling bored lately. There is one episode in the series where Sherlock got so bored he fired shots in the wall of his “flat” (British usage for apartment). I can fire a gun. The first gun I practiced on was my father’s rifle when I was only 13. I practiced with his 9mm recently because I missed the recoil you feel once the bullet fires out of the barrell. I can understand why Sherlock did that. There is just something exciting about feeling and hearing the gun as it fires. I understand it so much that if I had a gun in hand I would have started firing. The only problem is I’d definitely get in trouble if I do that and probably have a permanent criminal record. 

Sherlock often referred to himself as a high-functioning sociopath. One major trait of a sociopath is that they are prone to boredom. Understandable. They think differently from others therefore they find everyday activities as boring and dull. That’s why sociopaths and psychopaths resort to more exciting and often dangerous hobbies, the latter often leading to criminal activities. People like Sherlock are dangerous when bored. You never know what they’ll do just to have fun. Although Sherlock is not really dangerous per se, the boredom might kill him sooner than facing criminal masterminds head on will. 

I am not a high-functioning sociopath, at least I think I am not, so far. But just like Sherlock, boredom is the greatest threat to my life. Maybe that’s why I now find many things around me irrelevant and annoying. I always hope that something new suddenly happens that will ease my boredom enough to help me get through the day. People suggest a hobby. What kind then? Running, sports? I’m not really a fan. Games, puzzles, maybe but then in the end they all get boring that I end up deleting them or not finishing until the end. Games are made of patterns and once you figure it all out the pattern becomes repetitive and it just gets redundant and boring. Many of the “hobbies” that most people have are actually boring for me. Either thay or they’re just too tiring or not my cup of tea. In truth, I have jumped from one hobby to another in the hope of finding one that actually sticks. So far, none has. 

So when you’re bored as Sherlock is, is there anything you can do aside from indiscriminately firing a loaded firearm at a poor unsuspecting wall? I do hope something wild happens soon. But then, they do say, be careful what you wish for.



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