You are such a mystery
It makes me wonder then whether you’ll bring either joy or agony
Will you be the light that gives life to an empty soul
Or will you be the darkness that only brings death to all?
I can never comprehend that gallant smile
Is that an everlasting one or just a reflection of a time worthwhile?
Kindness, your weapon, is a dangerous tool to misuse
I might take it another way or become prone to its abuse
But heck, sometimes you’re not kind at all
Whenever you suddenly bring up that insurmountable wall
I know I should not ask nor even dare think about it
But what else should I feel when you’re already pushing me towards it?
Is this just another of those phases that will fade away in time
Or is this the time when I can finally say I have what’s meant to be mine
Either way I’d never know until that day of certainty comes at last
The moment I’ll know whether you’re just a present, my future, or the past.


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