The End of the Phenomenon

A few months ago I wrote about the start of the phenomenon called AlDub. Now, I’m writing about it’s near end, which I do hope would come soon. (I’m sure a lot of AlDub fans will murder me for this but just hear me out, the end I’m referring to is not the death of AlDub but actually a “hopeful” new beginning for both of them.)

When I say I hope AlDub will end soon I meant that I hope that EB will not prolong KS any further. I am an AlDub fan. You can browse my profile and SNS posts to verify but then even I no longer think that KS should still be aired until today. I have utmost respect to the writers of KS but I know even brilliant writers get into a deadlock especially with KS with a 30-minute episode for 6 days a week spanning almost 8 months now, you’d really drain out your creativity with this. I really think that the staff should end it before the decline gets even worse. I have been blunt about many things in my life and despite being a fan I will be the first to admit, KS has lost its touch of magic. I know every AlDub fan sees, feels and recognizes the decline as well, most just refuse to admit it. Pride, I think? I’d rather be honest. It’s not that I am no longer a fan, I still am. I just wish that both Alden and Maine level up their game fields. I think it’s time for them to evolve and get exposed to other things besides the four walls of KS and even EB. I think ending KS now, while they are still at the peak of their fame, would be the best call. They’ve been drained too much by both the capitalists that make use of their fame and the audience (of all classes) that expect too much of them. They need a break, or if not, they need a new lease. So I believe it’s finally time to end the phenomenon that is AlDub.

As fans, let’s not imprison Maine and Alden in the dream that is KS. If you love something, the best and most sacrificial thing to do would be to let them go and let them fly to a new horizon where they can discover new things and acquire new lessons. Let’s not become too addicted and controlling so as to hope that KS will last forever so that our dream of the Yaya Dub-Alden moment (July 16, 2015) also lasts forever. Despite what KS has taught me, I still believe that nothing is permanent in this world. Everything changes. People and situations change. Albeit, they need to change so that things will not remain stagnant and boring in the end. You wouldn’t want them to become stagnant, would you? You’d want them to improve. If so, let them go. Let KS go. Let AlDub go and MaiChard begin. 🙂


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