Dainty, she’s afraid
She wants to say something to someone
But she fears they’d misunderstand
Hurry, she’s closer to the brink now
She could just jump in and fall hard
Or wait until the wind pushes her in
She chose to wait,
Because she’s afraid.
Look, her heart beats faster now
As it begins to come alive again
If she had magic she’d rip it out
So she won’t feel it seep into her like a parasite
How can she run away?, she thinks
But her mind’s in disarray
How can she beg for a chance
When she won’t even take it?
Her eyes, her lips, her throat begins to shake
All trembling differently
She sighs, none of this is real
Imaginations that run wild in her head
Are just in her head.
So she blinks her eyes open
She’s still afraid of what tomorrow will bring
Will she finally fall down or will she let herself fall?
She awakens and reality seems to stink a little less.
Whatever goes she reminds herself,
This isn’t real. It isn’t real.


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