February — right?

It’s Valentines Day. Ugh. Ever since I broke my heart I’ve been bitter about “The Day of Hearts.” Hey, who could blame a woman scorned? But then I read about the history of Valentine’s and the man behind the name. I couldn’t help but be saddened by the fact that a gruesome ending for one man turned out to be one of the most anticipated days worldwide. Many do not even know what they’re actually celebrating. Poor them. But hey, his bravery and sacrifice is definitely worth celebrating. Maybe today is just another ordinary day for me but for millions of people worldwide today is their ray of hope at a love never-ending. So many hearts worldwide hoping for any hint of romance. So many that if I built a satellite to channel such feelings I could have powered a whole continent (even Asia). So for now I’d give it to them and maybe find the time to be a hopeless romantic today as well.

Anyway, it’s still a Sunday so time for my weekly recap which I terribly missed making. How many weeks has it been since the last one? I’ve been neglecting this blog for weeks now despite the fact that I am less busy this semester. I don’t really know why. Maybe because there’s nothing significant to write yet? Oh, I almost forgot. I turned 25 last 2nd of February. I didn’t even write an entry then because it was still an ordinary day. If it wasn’t for the big reveal that one of my friends made regarding my actual birth date then it would have passed by without anyone even knowing. I’m used to that. I don’t particularly celebrate it anyway and birthday greetings to me are too robotic. It’s like “My Condolences” without actually meaning it, for most people that is. Maybe it’s the culture. We greet each other out of respect more than out of sympathy or even empathy or even genuine good will. So it’s just too robotic for me. Anyway, I’d better get on with my recap for now. My Sunday and the Week Recently recap.

Best Read:
None at the moment. Academic reading, most of the time. Very boring.

Best Written:
Chapter 3 of my ongoing novel. As I keep on writing my novel, the story keeps on changing depending on my mood or the things I see, learn, watch and feel. I welcome such changes anyway but sometimes I can feel the inconsistency that’s building up. My story and the characters are actually becoming more human now than just fictional – with the inconsistency part.

LSS of the Week:
When I Dream About You, the Grace Note version. Ever since I heard this cover again live during Wednesday’s UP Fair (Overdrive) I can’t get it out of my head anymore. It’s stuck and I keep imagining myself performing it live with a full band set and all. Ah, dreams.

Thought for the Week:
It will get very busy soon. Surely.

Wished for the week to have been:
Not sure. Maybe I’d stick to what it was. No changes.

OOTW (Outfit of the Week):
Wore a dress and a formal attire by the end of the week. I couldn’t help it. My laundry’s still at the shop waiting for pick up.

The time I spent with Nadine. (my co-fangirl) I missed hanging out with her. I also had a dose of my annual UP Fair escapade. I got to experience a new ride this year – Vikings. It was kind of like the Anchor’s Away ride in Enchanted Kingdom, the one Alden and Maine rode for their theme park date. I won a lot in the game booths (all of which were pellet gun booths, I’m really good at those). Out of the 6 times I played (most with 12 shots each) I only missed 7 shots. The ones I missed after Leni (my roommate) and I experienced the tulakan, the suffocation, and the JJs (Jumping Jologs) that happens every year Chicosci plays in UP Fair. Ugh. That’s why I hate standing concerts. Even so, I feel really good about my aim. I’m still a sharpshooter! Yes!

Wanted to:
Ride the Octopus at UP Fair. I missed that ride this year but next year maybe. I also wanted to go and listen to the bands even if I’m outside the Fair grounds. I realized last year that staying outside the grounds is less stressful and more cost-efficient. You get to enjoy the same sounds anyway so who cares?

Needed to:
SLEEP. I’ve been bingeing on Doctor Who episodes ever since Nadine gave me copies of some of the episodes from Season 1. Now I can’t stop. Waaaahhhh!!!! Love Doctor Who btw. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. Nerds!

Puyat pa more!

Hoping Next Week to be:
Not busy yet. I need sleep.

That’s it for now. Maybe it’ll take time for the next one. I foresee that there won’t be any significant changes in my life for the next weeks until next month probably. Except the fact that it’s nearly Holy Week (that’s a week-long holiday for me! Wahahahahaha :)) SLEEP! SLEEP! SLEEP!

Good night Nerds! ;p


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