Until Then (Working Synopsis)

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Two high school seniors who equally hate each others guts find out one day that each of their families own two important halves of a rare and valuable antique after their school decides to hold a Philippine Antiques showcase for the culmination of their Buwan ng Wika celebration. Both of their families then attempt to claim ownership to both halves of the antique and demand that the other half be returned to them. As the story behind this rare antique begins to unfold, their families’ past also comes to view and a love story that has spanned generations before coming to a conclusion is revealed.

Aldrin Fuguerson, Jr. is the school heartthrob and the smartest, most talented boy in school but no matter what he does his academic prowess always gets defeated by the smartest girl, if not student, in school – Nikko Mendez. Both have their own spheres of influences in their school and both belong to competing, if not violently conflicting, groups. In short, they hate each others guts ever since they first met in kindergarten – or as far as their memories go back, they’ve always been at odds with each other. Always bickering and always competing. This year was their last year in High School and their last chance to defeat the other and leave their High School days with a victorious memory. Their conflict escalates when, for the first time in many years, Aldrin and Nikko gets seated next to each other. This only worsens when Nikko presents a rare and valuable antique with a missing piece for their class to use during their school’s Philippine Antiques showcase for their Buwan ng Wika celebration only to find out eventually that Aldrin had brought the other missing piece of the same antique. In shock, both claim ownership to the said antique ending up in their family coming over to school to settle the dispute. As their families’ ownership to the said item goes back to the same time immemorial Nikko boldly accuses Aldrin’s family of theft of the antique which both upsets and angers Aldrin. Both of them then scramble to piece together the evidence needed to prove their ownership of the item and for Aldrin to disprove Nikko’s accusation. Due to this they discover the truth behind the said antique and the story that goes with it – a love story that has spun generations before the truth is finally revealed.


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