If I Fall (as MM)

*the random moments when I get to channel other people’s emotions and get inspired to write something about how they currently feel. Hay, good old days.

So many signs they say
So many reasons for this to go ‘our’ way
So many people that tell us what we’re supposed to know
But somehow I still don’t seem to know

Because you never speak nor utter a word
I cannot hear you as against the world
What they say does not matter to me
What I want to know is how you feel for me.

So many words and yet not one that reflects your soul
So many looks and yet not one that truly holds
What’s really inside that I want to know
Tell me now, where are we supposed to go?

You only show, you never tell me anything
I can’t just assume whatever it is you’re feeling
‘Cause if I’m wrong then all of this would end
So tell me now before I can no longer pretend.

And if I fall will you be there to catch me?
If I decide to not fight what many call destiny
will it be really meant to be?
I never know what you think or how you feel
Don’t even know if what of this is real
All I know is if I fall I cannot stop
In loving you I can no longer hold back
So tell me now before I fall
Do you plan on even loving me at all?

*Confused pa more!*


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