Last One

Tonight is my last night here in Manila for 2015 as I’ll be heading back to the province on an early flight tomorrow morning. By province I don’t mean just the political term but also the colloquial term as well hence, no internet, no wi-fi, NONE! So even if it’s still not Sunday, I’ll be preempting my ‘Weekend Recaps‘ for this week tonight since I won’t be able to do it tomorrow and probably until I return to Manila next year. Technically, I’ll be on blog hiatus for a while for now. Actually, make that a SNS hiatus as well. HUHUHU. WAAAHHHH!!! ^~^

The title for this post is too appropriate for it I can validly claim that it’s ingenious. It’s like a summary of everything I’m about to write about in just two-words. How cool is that?

First, it’s our ‘FINAL‘ week of the semester. Technically, the semester is finally O-V-E-R!!! Albeit the last take-home essay for Tax 1 which I’ll be doing while in transit by the way because I already booked a flight before our professor announced that the date of submission of our take-home essay will be on —- TENTENENEN —-> on Monday noon. (I’ll arrive home at around 9pm tomorrow and I haven’t started it yet because I’m still getting ready for my early flight tomorrow as well. How cool is that?) However, going back, it’s FINAL WEEK so here I am happier than ever because I can finally claim that I’m half-done with this 3rd year in law school. Konti na lang. Push pa! Woooohh!! So yes, last one for school this year indeed.

Second, this will probably be my last blog post for the year. You’ll get to hear more from me (even if you don’t want to) probably next year after this. (No internet, mind you) Isn’t the title just appropriate?

Lastly, last one because tonight I finally got the answer to a question I’ve been longing to ask someone for the longest time now. But the funny thing is that “that person” already answered the question that has been bugging me (for years) SIX (6) years ago! (Let’s emphasize that more) SIX YEARS AGO! It’s just the old proud me never even bothered to read it because of my ‘anger’ (which I don’t recall at all)  at that time. Lame, right? But hey, HUMAN here! Anyway, so tonight I can finally move on from that question which took me 6 years to find out the answer to and claim that tonight is the last night of that ME before that can’t forgive and won’t let go of the past. Tonight, I’ll let it all go. *Cue in Let It Go from Frozen* Hahahaha.

Anyway, that’s it. For this week I guess I can summarize it in just ONE WORD: EXAMS…. I don’t need to further elaborate but I guess everyone reading this that has gone through a “Hell Week” so to speak of such can attest to why I no longer need to elaborate on the topic any further. It’s something that you hear and just know. So I’ll just skip to the Sunday (For tonight, Saturday) and the Week Recently part of my recaps.

Best Read:
Reviewers! Thanks to them I survived this semester and the WEEK! Without them my life would have been over since Monday. (Scratch that, since Friday rather)

Best Written:
Certainly none of the essay exams that I took. Nowhere was I confident about my answers at all. For now, I’m relying on the strength of my prayers and devotions. The quote: “I did my best and God will do the rest” is my mantra until final grades come out. Eto ang mga panahon na Bahala Na is definitely more appropriate.

LSS of the Week:
On the Wings of Love by Regine Velasquez. I don’t know why but it keeps playing in my head and I even tried singing it in the shower with falsetto and all. I think I woke up my roommates because of that. Sorry guys!

Thought for the Week:
“Almost there…” Every time an exam for a particular subject ends, this I always say or think about saying this to myself. I think everyone can perfectly relate to this.

Wished for the week to have been:
Nah, I’m just glad that it’s over. 🙂

OOTW (Outfit of the Week):
When it’s finals week you never have time for glamour. Shirts and pedals or jeans are enough.

The fact that I’m going home tomorrow. (Before I wrote this part it was still Saturday but now it’s 12:30AM Sunday. Technically, I still complied with my Sunday requirement. Tinatamad na lang ako mag-edit. Hehehe)

Wanted to:
Stay for one day more. AlDub is guesting on too many shows for Sunday and I just hope my power bank is enough to sustain my TV phone for 3 shows where they’ll be in later. (Sunday already) Waaahhh.. watching them in transit… Very fan girl-ish of me.

Needed to:
Sleep. It would be a long day ahead.

Relieved and happy. It’s over! 🙂

Hoping Next Week to be:

Last one done. See you all next year. Happy Holidays everyone! 🙂

P.S. The reason I was delayed in writing the latter part of this post was because we watched The Road where Alden Richards starred in as our last bonding moment for the year before I leave tom–later. I still don’t get how the young Luis made it through life and even becoming a cop without anybody’s help and without any financial capacity. Did he go to school? Did he get adopted? And how did Rhian’s character even know his real name? It was never shown that Alden introduced himself to them in the movie. Ugh, so many questions. Now I’ll be thinking about all of these questions until next year probably. Direk Yam Laranas, help me out!



If I Fall (as MM)

*the random moments when I get to channel other people’s emotions and get inspired to write something about how they currently feel. Hay, good old days.

So many signs they say
So many reasons for this to go ‘our’ way
So many people that tell us what we’re supposed to know
But somehow I still don’t seem to know

Because you never speak nor utter a word
I cannot hear you as against the world
What they say does not matter to me
What I want to know is how you feel for me.

So many words and yet not one that reflects your soul
So many looks and yet not one that truly holds
What’s really inside that I want to know
Tell me now, where are we supposed to go?

You only show, you never tell me anything
I can’t just assume whatever it is you’re feeling
‘Cause if I’m wrong then all of this would end
So tell me now before I can no longer pretend.

And if I fall will you be there to catch me?
If I decide to not fight what many call destiny
will it be really meant to be?
I never know what you think or how you feel
Don’t even know if what of this is real
All I know is if I fall I cannot stop
In loving you I can no longer hold back
So tell me now before I fall
Do you plan on even loving me at all?

*Confused pa more!*

The Week Before *Insert greatest fear*

T’was the week before #FINALS (Hashtag, Capslock, Bold, underlined para intense!), even though we actually had exams on Friday and today, it’s still nothing compared to the exams we’ll have for the next week. This week as compared to last week was a downgrade, meaning nothing much actually happened. Even in my favorite show nothing much happened except yesterday when they went to Enchanted Kingdom. Waaah! Inggit ako. Never pa ako nakapunta. Soon! But then I guess the show’s just refreshing itself and they’re in transition. I do hope the scales escalate soon so that next year will become a more promising year for the two ‘love’-birds(?). So basically it was just study-bored-break-study-bored-break-break-break-break routine for me for the whole week (note the many breaks. Ugh! Studies.) Ergo, not much to tell so I’ll just skip to my “Sunday and the Week Recently” part of my Weekend recaps.

Best Read:
Zilch. Nada. None. Studying for exams does not give you the pleasure to read anything besides boring reviewers.

Best Written:
Same as above. The same reason as well. Id.

LSS of the Week:
But still, one can never live without music to brighten their day. So for this week it was Paano Ba Ang Magmahal by Sarah Geronimo and Piolo Pascual from the movie, The Breakup Playlist. Due to the fact that my friend said that Sarah G. played a law student in the movie I just had to watch it. Although the story’s good, the attack to it was not fairly well played. It was too “minadali” for me. They could have delved deeper on the breakup issue and showed more about what happened after the breakup scene. Not much was seen of that so it didn’t really feel like a breakup playlist to me. But the song was really great! I shouldn’t be shocked since it was composed by Yeng Constantino. When it comes to love songs, she’s the girl!

Thought for the Week:
Finals. Finals. Finals. What else?

Wished for the week to have been:
Less boring.

OOTW (Outfit of the Week):
Plain shirts and jeans when going out. No more classes eh. Shirt and shorts when inside. Mostly the latter since I rarely go out when I don’t need to. Homebuddy feels.

The movie Ghajini starring Aamir Khan and Asin which tells the tragic love story of a person who is suffering from Anterograde Amnesia. For the plot, click this: Ghajini Plot. I’ve been into Bollywood movies ever since I saw Baghban (Baghban Plot) and since my Philo 1 professor made us watch a series of inspiring Bollywood films, TMTM. I don’t mind that they take up so much of my time or that they insert song and dance numbers in every film. The lessons they portray and the attack they do for every story is world-class. I do hope Filipino filmmakers learn from them as well. Minus the song and dance part of course, that’s classic Bollywood. I also love the fact that finally I have a copy of one of my favorite Rom-Com Bollywood movies, Anjaana Anjaani (Anjaana Anjaani Plot). I really love the comedy in this film. It’s raw and natural. I can watch it over and over again.

Wanted to :
Go to EK! After watching yesterday’s KS episode I really want to go to Enchanted Kingdom now more than ever. Too bad my flight is on the day after the last day of exams. Ugh! Why are ticket prices so expensive when it’s nearing Christmas!

Needed to:
Study more. Finals na! Ano ba!?

Bored most of the time.

Hoping Next Week to be:
The Last of the Mohicans… waaahh.. joke! The last week of finals (well, that one’s a reality) But I do hope that after that week (hell for sure) I would feel a sense of relief and fulfillment that YES! it’s finally over! 3rd year 1st sem done, one more then I’d be a happy person! Though I’ll be delayed for a year but still, 3rd year’s always the gem, right?

So that’s it basically. What about yours?