This Full Blast Week: Rocket Ship to Happiness

There is definitely nothing better than the official last week of classes. (Although we still have one make-up class tomorrow, it’s still final classes week for me) This whole week was filled with nothing but good vibes from start to finish. It definitely felt like I was in a rocket ship leading only to happiness and all I did was just sit back and relax. This week deserves to be called the FULL BLAST week indeed. To recap, just like my previous Weekend recaps post, I’ll start by summarizing the week’s highlights first and end with my own version of ‘Sunday Currently‘. (Let’s call it ‘Sunday Recap’ instead. Couldn’t think of a better term.)


1. Monday, the time when Alden implicitly admitted that he was ‘falling’ for Maine certainly made my day. Plus the laglag that Lola Nidora made with these two, EPIC! And the news that I got from a classmate who has a legit AlDub BTS source just made this alleged ‘confession’Β  more believable. (Sorry guys, they asked to keep the matter private. Let’s just say that I am now 85% sure that the ‘confession’ was REAL.)

2. Tuesday, I missed the AlDub forum held at UP Palma Hall. Wah, so close yet so far! But despite that I was glad that our Professor extended our class and finished the entire coverage that day. That only means that there’s no more make up class needed and we’re officially free! Of this class, at least.

3. Wednesday, we officially ended two more classes plus the news about our final exams for both classes really made me see the light at the end of the dark tunnel. There was hope! Also, this was the night when I met three of my favorite celebrity chefs and had a foodie night out with friends. (see previous blog post for details: Foodie Night Out published on Nov 25, 2015) I couldn’t be happier.

4. Thursday, no classes so it was KS time! It was supposed to be Maine and Alden’s 19th weeksary but the episode was just so sad. With Alden and Cindy’s wedding on Saturday, I can imagine Maine’s pain. But despite that I know that in the end, KS will deliver the Saturday episode really well and full of great lessons as usual. This was also Maine’s first appearance in a TV series for Princess in the Palace. I am really excited to see her act for the first time (with script and taped) outside of KS in the next episodes.

5. Friday, Last day of Nego. Although class started relatively earlier than the usual (@ 8AM) I still love the fact that that was it. So that’s four down, one more to go. Oh, we got to sing for our teacher. Darn was I nervous. P.S. It was another sad KS episode. But it only meant that the Saturday episode will blow the nation’s mind away once more.

6. Saturday, not the last day of Succession but I was happy that I finally got called for recitations. That only means that I don’t need to ‘fully’ study (meaning I can just browse through the readings and not really study that much of the cases) for Monday’s ‘last’ class because of the rounds-system that we have. But since I’m such a sport I volunteered to recite on Monday hoping I’d get to recite only the part that I digested. Wow, here I go again with the volunteering. Hay naku! :/ Also, Saturday was the “supposed” Wedding of Alden and Cindy and the episode was delivered amazingly well. Kudos to the KS staff for another great episode! Although I found the ‘amnesia’ part to be a little cliche. The lessons are definitely fit for today’s generation. Fight for love in the best way possible. When it comes to choosing between love and family, one should at least try to have both since both are very important to a person’s life. Very bitin yes, as usual, especially the last part. (see below) The genuine reactions, the tight embrace, the almost-kiss. Ugh! This only means that I have more to look forward to next week.

7. Finally, today. Not much happened. Due to unexpected circumstances, my “laag” with my College friends got canceled. Manila’s a hard place to have/plan a get together in especially when all of you are not that familiar with the routes and places. Cebu’s a much easier place to navigate because its such a small city. Today would have been a fun day but still I believe that there was a reason why the ‘get together’ did not happen. Maybe I needed more rest, or I needed more time to study for theΒ ‘last” class tomorrow. I don’t know. All, I know is that I don’t feel that much regret that I didn’t get to spend time with my friends. Not that I don’t miss them, I do, much more than anything else. (These people are not just ordinary friends. They’ve been my family for my whole College life, 4 years in total, while I was away from mine and vice versa. Maybe it’s because all of us came from provinces and we only had each other to lean on. We definitely have a very strong bond that’s not easy to break.) I miss them so much but maybe I needed the alone time for now especially with finals coming up. I’ll get to see them soon. Besides true friendship, no matter theΒ  time or distance, never fades and that’s what we have so no matter how long it takes, the reunion (at the perfect time) will be so worth it. I miss you so much guys! Hope you enjoyed your short vacay in Manila. πŸ˜€

To end, here’s my Sunday and the Week Recently (Yes, finally thought of a term!) summary:

Best Read:
None. I haven’t read that much lately except cases and required readings for my subjects and all of them were boring. Well, class materials, even if they were interesting, really have that power to draw all the interest away. The fact that it’s a required reading automatically classifies them under ‘boring and not entertaining’. Told you I never liked studying.

Best Written:
My Succession digests (the last of them, finally!) I literally put in a lot of time and effort to make this last set of digest worth it. It was comprehensive enough to land anyone who uses it a good grade in recitations. Wah! Bragging here! Haha. But seriously, I really liked how they turned out although I was a bit late in submitting them but hey, they were definitely worth the time.

LSS of the Week:
1. Sana Ikaw na Nga by Vina Morales c/o my Nego seatmate who was humming I Believe I Can Fly and me mishearing it for the former song. Now the opening verse is stuck in my mind on repeat.
2. Triangulo by Thyro Alfaro, Yumi Lacsama and Jeric Medina. I downloaded this from Spotify and I just love the wit of this song. “Kahit ilang beses mong i-try, i-try, i-TRY(I) ANG GULO-gulo, ang gulo-gulo.” See?
3. Locked Away by R. City and Adam Levine because Alden sang it in KS last Monday and I love the lyrics. Just the Chorus part though.
4. Minamahal by Sarah Geronimo because of a vid posted by AlDub Nation where this song was used as background. When I heard the whole song the first thought that came to my mind was, “I can use this as a vow for my wedding.”Β  Ayiieeeee…..

Thought for the Week:
Last week of classes! WOOOHHHHH!!!!!!!

Wished for the week to have been:
Nothing more, nothing less. This week has been perfect for me.

OOTW (Outfit of the Week):
I mostly went formal for this week since it’s the last week of classes and I expected that there will be a lot of picture taking involved. Apparently, it has been a class tradition that we take a photo with our professors on the last day of class after we give him/her a farewell token/gift. The only professor to whom we did not do this was with our Credit professor, not because we didn’t like her, we did. She was one of our favorites. It was because she was not into such stuff. She ‘rumor has it’ prefers to keep her relationship with students professional and doesn’t even bother to remember our names or faces which was fine. She does not like to receive gifts or take photos. We just respected her view of things.

The fact that the semester is finally near its end. That pretty much sums it all.

Wanted to:
Go on that ‘get together’ with my College friends but things happen for a reason. I’ll just have to wait for the next time we get that opportunity. πŸ™‚ Also, I want to finally try Starbucks Red Cups Peppermint Mocha. I want to know if they were really worth the wait. πŸ˜€

Needed to:
Rest, in preparation for the finals and for the upcoming puyat study sessions. Haha.

Relieved that it’s almost over. YAAAASSSS!!!!! #HappyGirl

Hoping Next Week to be:
Not as stressful as I expect it will be. STUDY MODE on. Waaaahhh!!!!


So that was my full blast week. How has yours been?



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