Foodie Night Out

Aside from the fact that we have officially ended a total of 3 out of 5 subjects that I am currently taking for this semester, there is another reason why this particular Wednesday night definitely deserves a post in this blog.

Has anyone here heard of a cooking series called ‘Ka-Toque’ which was once aired on Channel 27 a few years back? If you are on of the lucky few who had then you’d probably know the name Chef Rosebud. I, for one, am a fan of the show and aside from Chef Jonas and Chef Mitchie, my particular favorite was Chef Rosebud Benitez. So, imagine my glee when I learned that one of my blockmates in school was her daughter. I immediately wanted to be friends with her so that I will get the opportunity to meet her mother. But despite my ‘sinister’ plot to befriend her just so I can meet her mom, we easily became friends nonetheless just because she really is a genuinely kind and friendly person. That is despite the fact that she knows about me being a fan of her mom.

So you’d think I met her mother right after we became friends, right? Wrong! Only after 2 years and 1 semester later (i.e. today) did I get the opportunity to meet the ever elusive celebrity Chef Rosebud. (Even if you are a friend of a certain celebrity’s relative, it will still take time for you to get to meet them. Welcome to the showbiz world!) This is thanks to the event held by their culinary school CCA where celebrity chefs who are also alumni of the school held a cook off and put up stalls where they can sell their food. All the proceeds, I heard, go to a fund that will help some students who are scholars of CCA.  One of these stalls was managed by Chef Rosebud and for the first time I finally got to taste some of her recipes, specifically Dynamite Sisig Rolls with Binagoongan Rice and Sarciadong Mangga plus free Ice Cream for only Php 190.00. Oh, sulit di ba?  I also got to try food from the other stalls (like grilled pork and liver barbecue with butter rice) and even got to take home a box of juicy roasted beef for FREE (Emphasis on the free thanks to Chef Rosebud) which my roommates easily devoured the moment I got home. My foodie self has never been this much satisfied in just one night.


So tonight definitely deserves a post because finally I got to not only meet but also talk, take a picture and get to know the pretty Chef Rosebud (who looks so much like her daughter BTW. Or is it the other way around? Nah, who cares. Basta, they both look alike.)


Not only that I also got to meet and take a picture with Chef Tristan Encarnacion, another one of my favorite celebrity chefs, through the help of Chef Rosebud. (Kasi nilaglag ako ng classmate ko sa mommy niya. Panay sabing ‘crush’ ko raw si Chef Tristan. Wah nahiya tuloy ako!) When we took a picture together only one thing crossed my mind, Ang tangkad niya! (see photo below) Nanliit tuloy ako. Haha. But it was all worth it. I didn’t get to take a picture with Chef JP Anglo though,  another favorite of mine, because he was busy grilling food for their stall but seeing him there was enough in itself to make this night one heck of a blast.


To end, I’d like to thank Kat Cabanos (Chef Rosebud’s daughter and my blockmate) for telling me about this event and for being kind enough to drive me home after that. No wonder we’re friends. Haha. Jk! But honestly, I truly enjoyed this night. With all that food, who wouldn’t right? Also, special mention to Christian (Kat’s BF) for the company.

Today marks the half of the last week of classes and what better way to celebrate it than with a Foodie Night Out with friends made more special by the fact that we were served by the country’s top celebrity chefs. I definitely couldn’t ask for more. Thanks so much Kat and Chef Rosebud! 🙂


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