The A(E)PEC Recap. Get it, A(E)pic? No? Okay.

Yes corny as it may sound I did think about this title even before I decided to make a recap of this week’s happenings. I once heard a reporter say it in the news: “An APEC recap” and I heard ‘Epic’. Sorry medyo bingi ang lola niyo. But yes, that was how it started. No matter what, I still find it funny. Okay! Moving on. So how’s my week been, you ask? (by YOU, I mean the hypothetical and imaginary people who probably read my blog located in a different planet/reality from where I currently am) It’s been fun because it’s a 4-day Holiday, minus one which we spent for a make-up class in Tax. There are three things that defined this week by the way and those are:

  1. School
  2. KS and movies
  3. Food

So SCHOOL. Aside from the make-up classes I did attempt (albeit a failure) to study for Final exams which are up two weeks from now. Yay! *note the sarcasm* So all in all I think I spent 20% of my week on School, what an achievement for a Holiday Break! *Pats self on the back*

KS and MOVIES. KS or Kalyeserye (You know the famous AlDub loveteam? Yes, that one. Okay judgement time!) will be a constant happening for every week, especially with how the story’s been unfolding recently. That is because I need all the GV I can get with all the stress and BV that is Malcolm-brought. You cannot imagine the amount of gloom that building holds. Whew! Anyone who is sensitive to energies/ auras and stuff like that would definitely make a run for it. So KS it is. Movies watched for this week are: Paddington, Now You See Me, Lucy, Jack the Giant Slayer, Inside Out, The Duff and The Martian. That’s actually a lot compared to my other boring weeks. Haha. So all in all this comprised 60% of my time this week and though I feel a little bit guilty I still would say I’d do it over again! I couldn’t be happier.

Last, FOOD. I cooked for this week a variety of dishes. See my IG for a sneak peak. My roommate, who is this household’s alternative cook aside from me, is unfortunately out on a retreat so all the cooking was left to me. Not that I minded it. I had an ‘almost’ whole week break after all. I love how I learned how to cook in just a span of 4 months and can now do my own recipes. Contrary to what I thought before, I don’t suck at it. Everyone in my family cooks, except for me so I guess it was just laziness talking and I really had the talent all along. My roommates say that my dishes are tasty so yes I’m bragging a little. Hehe. So as of this moment, this comprised 30% of my time for the week.

That was how I spent the APEC(Epic), sorry I just had to, Holiday. Not much I must say but hey, I was a bit productive, right? *Note to self: Agree to yourself all the time. In that way you’ll feel less bad.*

So that’s my Recap for this week, my first. Really fulfilling. 🙂 But wait, there’s more! I made a format for a Weekend Recap that is a bit similar to the format of the Sunday Currently blog formats that has been popular on blog sites nowadays. I just tweaked it a little bit. Instead of “Currently”, it will be a recap of the whole week so everything will be in past tense but still CTTO for this one.

Best Read:
My PIL readings on International Human Rights. It’s quite interesting how they have a lot of these rules and sanctions but can’t seem to impose them. The international stage is definitely not an easy one to manage especially without a ruling world government. Wondering what it would be like to have one though?

Best Written:
My new blog. I just started this week and I am on fire. I really hope that doesn’t die down or snuff out eventually.

LSS of the Week:
I Was Made For Loving You by Tori Kelly. The refrain and chorus part just keeps popping into my head for no apparent reason. I think it’s the tune that keeps me hooked to this song. Amazing song and lyrics by the way. Clap. Clap.

Thought for the Week:
It’s almost Finals. Torn between Ugh and Yay! Ugh because I’d be studying non-stop from now on and Yay ’cause after that is my long-awaited Christmas break! WOOHHOOOO!

Wished for the week to have been:
More academically linked, maybe. That’s the only thing I feel guilty about but knowing me I’d do the same thing over again. Post-finals jitters. I get tired of studying and later on cram them all during finals week. Lazy crammer.

OOTW (Outfit of the Week):
I mostly wore the new clothes I bought for this month. My new addition to my new wardrobe style. I’m ditching the t-shirts and replacing them with blouses and other ‘more formal’ attire in preparation for the real world. Can’t have me wearing a t-shirt in the office.

Now You See Me. It is an amazing movie. I watched it two times in a row. That’s how much I love it.


Wanted to:
Record the song that I wrote for the AlDub Songwriting Contest but it’s really hard if you don’t have the right equipment. I would need a Mac Laptop but that’s just too expensive for my current lifestyle. Someday, soon, I’d get one. I am hoping to get one for free (i.e. a company prize, a contest prize, or a sponsor) Haha. Those dreams.

Needed to:
Inspire myself to love studying more, even just for the last weeks of this semester. I need to become more studious now more than ever. So I’m starting to lie to and convince myself that I actually love to study. Good luck with that!

Distracted. The holiday break is the only thing on my mind right now. I can’t even concentrate on anything else. Tsk!

Hoping Next Week to be:
Me feeling less guilty for not being able to study as much as I needed to. Inspiration where the heck are you????

So, how’s your week been?



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