Why I decided to go on WordPress

I already have 3 blogs in Blogspot so why need another one right? Well, there’s only one reason why I decided to shift from Blogspot to WordPress and that is because the latter is mobile ready. Blogspot does not have a mobile app and I rarely use my laptop nowadays ever since I recently got a great smartphone. (Thank you My Phone) Now almost all of my internet-related works are done through my mobile phone. Sorry Lappy, you need your rest. It’s hard to blog on a mobile browser especially through Blogspot since the fonts are too small. So yes to WordPress. There is also a sub-reason why I chose WordPress among all other sites. It’s because I have previous WordPress experience when I was maintaining my previous company’s website and also when I made one for a pseudo-band that I was putting together. (Never worked out though) So WordPress it is. But since I feel guilty leaving all my juicy tidbits back in my old blog I have resorted to first copy pasting my previous posts to this new blog of mine. That way I won’t totally miss them, just the juicy ones though. I’ll have a hard time copy pasting each and every one of them. So my first posts, excluding this one, will be that of my previous posts in my previous blog. I’ll be posting the date of the post so nobody gets confused with the sudden change of tone in such posts. Sorry February born, they say those are the moodiest (if ever there’s such a word) persons on the planet. I’d have to agree with that one. So this is it!

Happy new blog to me. :))



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