This is Not a Craze, It’s a Phenomenon (An AlDub Article) {9/23/2015}

All avid watchers of Eat Bulaga would definitely relate to this post because I’ll be talking about the latest love team phenomenon which started as an “accident” on the Philippine’s longest running noontime show Eat Bulaga. Yes, you got it right. This post will be related to the phenomenon of AlDub, the sensational love team of Alden Richards (Richard Faulkerson, Jr.) and Yaya Dub (Maine Mendoza).

As for me, I have watched them since Day 1. Thanks to the Academic Calendar Shift of my University, it was still our “summer”/midyear break when this phenomenon started. My parents are avid watchers of EB (Eat Bulaga) and the TV is always on during its air time. Suddenly these two people “accidentally” discovered that they had a wonderful chemistry on screen with Yaya Dub getting all flustered and “kilig” the moment she realized that Alden was watching her on screen doing her dubsmash antics. This is the moment which started it all. Those widening of eyes and covering of the face which signifies Yaya Dub’s genuine emotions made this craze turn into a phenomenon.

Personally, I am not a shipper of love teams because I know most, if not all of them, are fake anyway. However, this time it’s completely different. These two were not put together by some network. They were not shipped by commercials or advertisements or even telenovelas or soaps. They discovered it on their own. Like I said, it was “accidental”. I, on the other hand, am a shipper in real life (a shipper of real life love teams). In high school I would often pair off people whom many in the end would admit to their feelings for each other. Some act upon those feelings, others continue to ignore them and eventually dismiss them for fear of what might happen if ever they do end up together. I would therefore say that when I see people together I can immediately tell if a person likes another. (Unfortunately, this talent/skill does not apply to me due to personal biases and prejudices that come up whenever the topic is myself. Bummer!) So when I observed themย  for a whole week I knew then and there that Yaya Dub really has feelings for Alden. Although it’s just a crush on her part, at least its something right. Alden too has displayed a certain level of affection for his partner although he’s definitely holding back. Maybe because of fear or doubt or other stuff I don’t know about but the fact is he’s holding back. I am pretty sure he’s interested in her, his body language says so… a lot! But he’s holding back on completely falling for her which is why I’m a bit frustrated at him. However, I understand the fact that you can never really like someone completely if you haven’t met them personally or talked to them privately.

I like how EB is actually developing their story which is they’re trying to figure out whether or not the two are actually compatible through tests and games which makes the story even more interesting and romantic as it goes on. I admire the writers for doing so since this is definitely not an easy task. The show is live and airs 6 times a day which is even more than that of your ordinary soap and yet they have kept the story developing and more interesting as time passes by. This definitely is an arduous task to fulfill and all my praise and applause goes to the wonderful creative team of this Kalyeserye phenomenon. I really admire them to the point that I honestly want to join their team. Ugh, why did I even proceed? hehe. But true, I have never been this enthusiastic about teleserye creative teams/ writers. I even complain about their incompetency. Check my past blog posts for reference. Yet, for this series (the AlDub series) I am very much hooked and intrigued by how creative they are. At least that gives me hope that or entertainment business is not dead.

On a last note, I’d like to commend the creative team and EB for using this phenomenon to teach valuable lessons to children. This is definitely a good way of using all the fame and the money that comes from this. None of our current teleseryes have this on their deck. They simply tell stories and that’s that but in Kalyeserye, you actually get to learn about the old Filipino ways and the way that the Filipinos are supposed to act. Call me traditionalist I don’t care but I still hold our Filipino values especially about women close to my heart. My friend has called me sexist but who cares? I definitely believe in the old ways of courting and the fact that true love waits. At least in love and the family, I believe in the old gender roles assigned to us by our ancestors. I am liberal on the other aspects such as career, education, work, politics and other stuff but when it comes to love, it should always be the guy who would pursue. I’ve tried pursuing myself but it’s really hard. Although in the end you can tell yourself that you did your best, it would still hurt. (Disclaimer: *this comment is not in my original post* But as per my previous blog post: It’s okay for the girl to make the first move. At least there will be no regrets in the end. But even if there are no regrets, it would still hurt/ Trust me, that was the time when I got drunk so hard I had to vomit. I swear I’d never repeat that mistake ever again. But hey, it’s the 21st century. So, girl power. Hooray! I actually don’t mind telling the guy first as long as I know he’s worth it.)

I also firmly believe that when a guy falls, he falls completely. So it’s always better (I didn’t say must) if the guy is the one who is more in love in a relationship. This answers all the abuse and martyr problems that we have in our country. If a woman chooses a guy who loves her more, then the probability of him hurting her would be closer to nil. So I am grateful to AlDub for doing so. I just hope that Alden no longer hides behind his actor’s mask and just become genuine to his feelings. I wish he would stop fighting and just let go. Love can be a choice, it can be acted upon or not, but love is something that you can never control. You may choose not to show it but it will always be there whether you want it or not. So Alden, don’t fight. Just let go. I know you’re already there. You just refuse to open the door. Trust me, I know. ๐Ÿ™‚


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