Now You Don’t

I just finished transferring all of my previous blog posts to this new blog of mine and I feel very much accomplished. Not to mention I also finished watching the movie recommended to me by my roommate, Now You See Me, and I am more than amazed with this movie. It is literally a work of genius. I did not even expect that plot twist at the end. So I only have great comments for this movie.

Now You See Me is for me a must-watch for everyone. There are absolutely no dull moments that you can find when watching this movie. Sorry I won’t be posting spoilers here so that everyone can enjoy the entire movie in its fullest. If you already watched the movie you’d get why my post title is as such. But seriously, this post will not be about the movie but just my take on that one line in the movie said by Morgan Freeman’s character:

“The need to know is greater than the desire to be fooled.”

Honestly, that line stuck to my head like glue the moment I heard it. Do you know why? Because that one line says a lot about how we function as humans. Personally, I think, that the greatest desire that we have as human beings is not really fame, money, or even fulfillment. Most of the time, it is our need for knowledge. All the other things that I just mentioned are just superfluous desires that we have but nothing beats the desire for knowledge. The knowledge that I am talking about is not just that of the academic aspect but knowledge of things that particularly interest us. For example, for scientists, the desire to know more about nature and the Earth is everything. For philosophers, the constantly seek knowledge about the world. For the laymen, the need to know about one’s purpose in life and how one can become more than just a speck of dust on this Earth is actually each of our heart’s desire. Taking it to a more common level: for fandoms, their desire is to know more about their idols and if what they see on screen is actually REAL or just REEL. I’d have to admit this to myself, I really want to know about certain things even more than I want fame, power, richness or glory. Knowledge is priceless. It is a commodity that each person wants but not all can possibly get. Why do you think mysteries are so alluring? Or why do you think unsolved and unexplained phenomena continue to bewilder our thoughts? Because the need to know is so great we just can’t help it.

I took a class back in Undergrad where we took up this one philosopher named Michel Foucalt. One thing I can always remember about him is that he stated that, “Power is knowledge and knowledge is power.” This means that those who have power dictate knowledge and those who have knowledge have the power, and it’s an endless circle of power to knowledge and vice versa. Knowledge is therefore something that we inherently desire. We might not know about it consciously but if we just think about it, we really desire for it, no matter what kind or form it is as long as it is something that interests us. The need to know about certain things is definitely greater than anything.

Cases in point:

  1. The clamor for Government transparency (e.g. the FOI bill)
  2. The need to know where our taxes are spent on or if they just go to our leader’s pockets (see: Pork Barrel Scam)
  3. The never-ending chismis about public personalities
  4. The desire for AlDub fans for BTS pictures (Haha. Guilty here!); and the most famous example of all —-
  5. The desire to know whether or not he/she loves you too. (LOL) πŸ˜€

So yes, knowledge is a desire we all have and it’s a good thing. For when a person stops desiring to learn or know more about something is when he/she has truly given up on everything.

(I just realized that my post title has absolutely nothing to do with my topic. But who cares, right? It’s my blog and I can do anything I want in it. *Z snaps in the air* Take that nerds!)


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