Hey Future One (10/27/2015)

Hi mula dito sa outerspace! Hehe. Wala lang, just wanted to post this in case a possible future someone eventually reads this someday. Di ko alam kung nadadala lang ba ako ng pagkahumaling ko sa AlDub o baka naffeel ko na din na malapit na ang aking tamang panahon. Yun ang feeling ko ngayon eh, na malapit na siyang mangyari. Konting push na lang, mga 5 years na lang? Haha. Pero anyways, yun yun. So I’m posting a message for you, whoever you are. Hey future someone, I hope that when you arrive you won’t think that you can easily sweep me off my feet. Fragile ang puso ko, mahirap na. I’m currently guarding my heart so I might come off aloof and uncaring pero front lang yun. Baka naman deep inside kinikilig na talaga ako. Haha. Kung minsan magmamaldita ako, okay lang yun. That means I’m hiding something. Because if I really don’t have feelings I either laugh at the thought or ignore it completely. A violent reaction will therefore tell you something else. Honestly, I still feel na hindi pa ako handa umibig. Sino ba naman ang ready na talaga di ba? Pero seriously, I will be very doubtful at first. Not just about you but about myself as well. I tried before, got hurt, now I want to make sure that this future one will last forever. Naniniwala kasi ako dun. Sa forever. So please be patient with me. Naniniwala ako sa tamang panahon so most likely di ako mag.rrespond agad-agad sa feelings mo. Most importantly, I believe that it’s better to wait for the right one that will last than to begin something abruptly that will eventually fade away. I believe in the right moment: the right person, at the right time. So if you really are ready and willing to love me for who I am, please be patient. Darating ang lahat sa tamang panahon.

Lastly, if you’re reading this now: I’m traditional. I believe in the traditional version of courtship. If you know what I mean.

Love and see you soon.


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