Fun Facts Time (11/11/2015)

Random fun facts about me that I decided to share. (Because I’ve got nothing better to do. Lol. šŸ˜€ )

1. I normally sit in an Indian/ Japanese squat pose even while on a chair. However, if I get the opportunity to stretch out my legs and raise them on another chair/table then it’d be my preferred option, subject to certain circumstances of course.

2. I love to pamper myself. (i.e. getting a good bath with a loofa and a sweet smelling shower gel, getting a massage (whole body), a DIY/serviced mani-pedi, good food/food tripping, a long and quiet rest, a movie/series/Anime marathon)

3. I am an Otaku!

4. I try hard to be kind to all (really hard!) but I don’t like to force myself on people nor do I try to please those who are obviously not pleased with me. If they don’t like me, that’s it. Period. Let’s just keep it civil.

5. I love to sing …. Alone or in a choir (as long as my voice won’t be heard by others) Shy type. Haha. (but I have this secret ultimate dream to become a Broadway/Musical theater actress) <— I love to act too. (this one I’m not shy of)

6. I get tired easily. That’s because of my unfortunate physical make-up. You can’t argue with genetics.

7. I don’t eat okra and/or marang.

8. Sobrang labo ng mata ko. (as of this writing, I’m nearsighted with a 175 grade for glasses)

9. Normally, I am never lady-like even when I’m wearing a skirt (as long as I have shorts underneath). Exception: mandatory formal occasions and performances

10. I can’t live without music but I also value quiet time (for deep thought and meditation)

11. Favorite food: Chicken (any part, except the head)

12. I love soya (soya milk, taho) except tofu <— Ugh!

13. I believe first impressions NEVER LAST!
Case in point:
a. I never liked smartphones now I can’t have a phone that isn’t one.
b. I did not like a person’s attitude at first but now we’re the closest of friends
c. I liked a person the instant we met and now she’s the coldest.

14. I am easily friend-zoned by guys so I never expect much whenever I meet a guy, especially if he’s good looking/ the too-good-to-be-true type.

15. There are 4 people I can never stand to be with:
a. people who repeat their mistakes and stupid acts without ever learning
b. people who back stab
c. people who are disloyal
d. people who only get my hopes up. (Mga paasa.)

So that’s it. I actually want to share more but I’m tired. Besides, who would even bother to read this anyway? Haha. Not unless I actually become famous someday. Hahay, dreams! šŸ™‚


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