Hi there! Welcome to my Realm. Well, a part of it though. This page was once titled ‘About’ so I guess I’d have to tell something about myself first… Wooh…

There’s nothing much to tell really… My full name is Amylene Medina. Unique name, right? Many people assume that it’s a coined name from my parents’ names but it’s not. It’s a Chemical compound. A-my-lene of the ethylene series, C5H10. see this Before you ask why, both my parents are Chemical Engineers. They were College schoolmates so you could definitely guess how their love story went.

My elder sister, my only legitimate one (don’t ask), is Monel. Also not a coined name but is actually a metal alloy mostly used for fish hooks. And guess what? My only nephew, as of this writing, is named Xenon! Xe as per the periodic table. So yes, we’re a family of dorky geeks.

I constantly and deliberately forget how old I am because I want to stay a kid forever. (I stopped remembering at 20) I love to write so yes blogs! And lastly, I am uniquely me. If ever you want to get to know me then just do it personally. I’ve had enough prejudices in my life. :))

Another thing, I won’t take it against anyone if my name is misspelled. That happens a lot even with friends. So sanay na ako. Usually people use Amelyn or Amilyn or another complicated version of my name but no biggie. Lyn na lang para madali. Haha. And no, don’t call me Amy because that’s my mother’s nickname and I’ll just get confused.

So to end, why is this blog entitled “The Lazy Geeky Joou-sama”? Let’s do it word for word, shall we?

LAZY – Just because I honestly am. If something does not interest me I have absolutely little or no time at all to do it. Time is a very important commodity to me, much more than my money. So if I spend it on something or someone, it just means that I really love that thing or person or I am just mandated to do so. I never do something that I don’t want or I’m not required to do.

GEEKY – Because I don’t fit in with the crowd. Yes, I have friends but that’s just because I am in a school where all the geeks collide. If I was in another school, I’d be one of the unpopular ones. I am weird but I am proud of that.

JOOU-SAMA – (This is Queen in Japanese) Because I value myself as a ‘Queen’ in my own realm. Not that I think of myself highly compared to others but just because I really think of myself as my own Queen, not above others but above myself. I take care of myself, not just physically but on all aspects: emotionally, psychologically, etc. This is because in the end, I have nothing but my life and myself to live with. Every girl should treat themselves as their own Queens. It’s about self-worth and self-esteem. Thinking like this will help you achieve what you want and make sure that nothing and no one can bring you down no matter what. And why Japanese? Simple. Because I’m an Otaku. Haha.

As you can probably see this is a personal blog. Not that I expect a lot to care about my personal life. Pfft! This is just here for me to broadcast my sentiments on the internet because: 1) I’m bored; 2) I just want to. No one’s going to read this anyway, except if I become a celebrity. Okay, dreams on hold! But seriously, if you really scan through this blog you’ll get to know what’s inside my big (literally) head. You can have your own opinions about me, you’re entitled to. Yes, human rights. Not that it would matter to me anyway. So, if you’re one of the people who happens upon this blog and for no apparent reason gets interested to read through then HAPPY READING TO YAH! See you in my Realm.

I thank you!


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